Understanding Male Anxiety in Relationships

couple sitting on bench who are upset with one another

Anxiety doesn’t discriminate. It affects both men and women, and when you’re in a relationship, it can threaten to wreak havoc on how you feel and your connection with your partner. 

Unfortunately, male anxiety in relationships can often be more prominent and even more common for a variety of reasons. 

Being able to understand male anxiety in relationships — including why it occurs and some of the common signs — can help you fight back against it. 

So, what is relationship anxiety, and what should you look out for before it threatens to destroy your partnership from the inside out? 

What Is Relationship Anxiety?

Relationship anxiety often manifests itself as a sense of dread. You might feel anxious within your relationship for different reasons. Maybe you think you’re not good enough for your partner. Perhaps you believe they are always about to leave you.

Or, maybe you’ve had negative experiences in past relationships that tend to trigger anxious thoughts more often than not. 

While anyone can experience relationship anxiety, it affects men differently than women. 

What to Look For

How can you tell if you’re dealing with relationship anxiety? For starters, consider how you feel about relationships. Do you always seem to end your romantic relationships before they get too serious or before someone can get too close? Some people might think you’re worried about commitment, but that might not be the case. 

Some of the other common signs of male anxiety in relationships include: 

  • Not asserting your needs
  • Overanalyzing everything your partner says and does
  • Stressing out over every aspect of your relationship

Relationships require work, but they’re also supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If you’re simply not having a good time in your relationship because you’re constantly stressed or worried about it, consider that a red flag. 

couple sitting on bench who are upset with one anotherIt’s important to remember that men tend to react differently to these signs than women. You might not immediately think you’re anxious. Instead, you might assume you’re trying to be a good partner and just want what’s best. Instead of allowing yourself to “feel your feelings,” you want to be a problem-solver. But there’s really nothing to fix, and pushing down your emotions will typically only make them stronger.

What Causes Male Anxiety in Relationships?

Getting to the root cause of anxiety is often the best way of treating it. If you’re dealing with anxiety in your relationship, it could stem from negative past experiences, generalized anxiety that’s carrying over, or attachment issues that go all the way back to childhood. 

It’s not always easy to dig deep and discover the potential cause. But it’s a necessary first step. 

What Can You Do?

One of the biggest issues men face when they have anxiety in relationships is getting the help they need. Actually, it’s one of the biggest issues they face with any mental health struggle. 

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma surrounding men’s mental health. Some people believe if you’re a man with mental health struggles, you’re a weak person. It somehow takes away your “manliness,” so men don’t open up about their struggles as often. 

Don’t let stigma get in the way of your needs. Admitting you’re struggling with your mental health doesn’t make you weak. In fact, being able to talk about something like that actually shows a lot of strength and resolve. 

You don’t deserve to be anxious in your current or future relationships. Instead of trying to fix things before they’re really even problems, allow yourself to settle in and enjoy a relationship by getting to the root of your anxiety. 

If you believe you’re dealing with anxiety in your relationships, don’t hesitate to reach out for therapy for men.

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